Sunday, March 29, 2009

Program Memory

Program memory has been carried out in FLASH technology which makes it possible to program a microcontroller many times before it's installed into a device, and even after its installment if eventual changes in program or process parameters should occur. The size of program memory is 1024 locations with 14 bits width where locations zero and four are reserved for reset and interrupt vector. the first 1K x 14 (0000h-03FFh) are physically implemented (Figure 4.12). Accessing a location above the physically implemented address will cause a wraparound. For example, for locations 20h, 420h, 820h, C20h, 1020h, 1420h, 1820h, and 1C20h, the instruction will be the same. The RESET vector is at 0000h and the interrupt vector is at 0004h.

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