Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Select Bank in PIC memory

Banking requires the use of control bits for bank selection. These control bits are located in the STATUS Register. Instructions MOVWF and MOVF can move values from the W register to any location in the register file (“F”), and vice-versa. The entire data memory can be accessed either directly using the absolute address of each register file or indirectly through the File Select Register (FSR). Indirect addressing uses the present value of the RP0 bit for access into the banked areas of data memory.

Data memory is partitioned into two banks which contain the general purpose registers and the special function registers. Bank 0 is selected by clearing the RP0 bit (STATUS<5>). Setting the RP0 bit selects Bank 1. Each Bank extends up to 7Fh (128 bytes). The first twelve locations of each Bank are reserved for the Special Function Registers. The remainder is General Purpose Registers, implemented as static RAM.

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